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Hillary Scales-Lewis


Stats: 5'6"
Degree: BA Speech & Theatre Albany State University, MFA Theatre Performance University of Southern Mississippi 
Location: Southeast
Willing to travel


Evolution Talent Agency

3205 N. Davidson St. Unit 103

Charlotte, NC 28205

Beth Saunders-770-296-2822



The Scars Our Parents Leave              Principal                               Kevin Anthony Productions

Untitled Sci-Fi Series                          Principal                               Kevin Anthony Productions

For My Man                                        Principal                               Jupiter Entertainment

Fatal Attraction                                   Principal                               Jupiter Entertainment

"Z" The Beginning of Everything       Stand-In                               Amazon Studios



Get On Up                                           Stand-In for “Jill Scott”       Imagine Entertainment

Her Favorite Invention                        Principal                               Open Case Productions

DeHo Man                                           Supporting                           ASU Mass Communications Dept.

Retrograde                                           Principal                              ASU Mass Communications Dept.


Night Before (21', 22')                               Hillary                           Freefall

Marie & Rosetta                                        Marie Knight                 Hippodrome Theatre

Marie & Rosetta                                        Marie Knight                 Freefall Theatre

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley       Lizzy                             Trustus Theatre

Company                                                    Marta                            Trustus Theatre

Smokey Joe's Cafe                                     BJ                                  Legacy Theatre

Shorts in the Fall                                        Ashley, Anita, Mom     Jocelyn Johnson

The Wizard of Oz                                       Dorothy Gale               Savannah Stage Company

The Matchmaker                                        Dolly Levi                    University of Southern Mississippi

As You Like It                                            Celia                             University of Southern Mississippi

The Music Man                                          Maud                            Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre

The Wiz                                                      Glinda                          Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre

By the Way, Meet Vera Stark                     Vera Stark                    University of Southern Mississippi
Clybourne Park                                           Francine/Lena             University of Southern Mississippi
Rent                                                             Joanne                         University of Southern Mississippi
Crabs in a Barrell                                        Starla                           Love-It Productions

Tell Them so They Will Know                   Chloe                           Love-It Productions                  

You Don't know me Until you Need Me    Armonia Lacy              Love-It Productions                   



Monica Hayes, Sean Boyd (Meisner) - University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Mark Burnette, Dr.Wendy Coleman, Jasmine Lambert- Albany State University



Monica Hayes (Scansion/Script Analysis)- University of Southern Mississippi

Rodney Cottier (LAMDA)- Shakespeare Workshop



Robin Carr (Dialects, Lessac)- University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Florence Lyons (Dialects, Speech)- Albany State University



Gregory Hoffman (Period, Combat) , Sean Boyd (Laban, Yat Malmgren, Lugering) Dianne Gary (Alexander) Rachel Brown (Commedia dell’ Arte Masks) - University of Southern Mississippi


Musical (Voice)

Robin Carr (Musical Theatre)- University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Dianna Webber & Dr. Marcia Hood (Classical)- Albany State University



Taxslayer                                            Principal                                 Marty Snider & Associates

Truth4OK                                           Principal                                 Yes for Okaloosa Schools

Special Skills

Dueling Arts Int. Certified- Hand to Hand, Small Swords 

Dialects- South African (Botswana), British (RP, Estuary), New York (Brooklyn), New Jersey, Coastal Southern

Musical Voice Type- Alto, Mezzo Soprano

Theatre Outreach

Harlem Theatre Group (USM Org.)- Founder

Young Actors Mentoring Program (ASU Org)- Founder

Love-It Productions- Youth Mentor

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